Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season can be extremely stressful, but even more so with the senior population. They will likely face more obstacles than most during an emergency such as limited mobility, isolation, and medical needs.

It’s important to be prepared before these powerful storms threaten your area. Planning ahead in the event of an evacuation can keep older adults safe when time is of the essence.

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The City of Jacksonville – Emergency Preparedness Guide

Every year, the City of Jacksonville publishes an Emergency Preparedness Guide with important information and tools designed to help residents prepare and includes lots of tips, checklists, and step-by-step instructions for what to do prior to, throughout, and after an emergency.

Knowing what Evacuation Zone you are located in could be a matter of life or death in a disaster. It’s crucial for residents to know the risks associated with hurricanes and follow emergency instructions.

Make a List of People

Who Can Help

Emergencies could happen no matter the time and your usual caregiver might not be available. It is important to have a list of people you can call on. Ask neighbors, friends, and family. Don’t leave everything to a single person because if they’re incapacitated or injured, you could be left stranded. Keep your list of helpers in an emergency kit.

If it is difficult to get around on your own, you may need someone to help with finding shelter or evacuation. Identify ahead of time who will help you.

Many apps are available on smartphones to help you communicate. Pick 1 or 2, and ask the friends and family on your emergency contact list to download these same apps. They could be utilized to connect and talk if phone services fail. It’s also important to keep your devices at full power and have backup chargers available.

Have a Medical Plan in Place to

Keep You Safe

If you have a medical condition, you can choose to wear a medical alert pendant or bracelet. This could save your life, especially if you are diabetic, allergic to specific medications or any other conditions which could be life-threatening in an emergency. Medical alert jewelry can help first responders properly treat you in the event you’re incapable of providing your medical history.

Prior to an emergency arises, make a list of everything you need to stay healthy. This can include the contact information and name of your doctor and pharmacy, a list of any medical devices you use and your medications. Then allow the people on your contact list to know where this list will be in case you need it.

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