Hockey may not be the first sport that springs to mind when you think of Jacksonville, but the passion for the puck is palpable. If you reside in a Jacksonville, FL independent living community and have a fondness for the sport, the city presents several exciting venues. Here you can watch thrilling matches or even participate. Here are the top five destinations for hockey enthusiasts in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex: Get in on The Action

Located centrally, Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex is the city’s premier ice-skating facility. Offering a full-sized hockey rink, the Sportsplex regularly hosts youth and adult hockey leagues. Whether you are a seasoned player or someone just wanting to lace up the skates for some recreational fun, this venue welcomes all. Additionally, the in-house seating area provides a comfortable space for spectators to enjoy live matches, making it a favorite destination for those in the independent living communities to root for their local teams.

Veterans Memorial Arena: Witness the Thrill

When it comes to experiencing professional hockey action, Veterans Memorial Arena is the place to be. Home to Jacksonville’s minor league hockey team, the Icemen, it guarantees an electric atmosphere. The arena’s state-of-the-art facilities offer a seamless viewing experience, complete with massive screens for instant replays and high-quality audio. Attending a game here can be a highlight, as you join a sea of passionate fans cheering for the home team.

Johnnie’s Sports Bar & Grill: Relish the Game with Great Food

For those who prefer to watch the game in a relaxed setting while enjoying a sumptuous meal, Johnnie’s Sports Bar & Grill is the ideal spot. The venue airs live hockey matches on its large screens, ensuring that patrons do not miss a single moment. Their diverse menu includes classic bar fare and local delicacies, complementing the viewing experience. 

Riverside Park: Ball Hockey Fun

If you prefer your hockey off the ice, Riverside Park offers a fantastic alternative. With its well-maintained ball hockey courts, the park has become a hub for enthusiasts of the sport. Players of all ages and skill levels gather to enjoy friendly matches in the park’s scenic surroundings. It is a wonderful way to get some exercise, soak in the Florida sun and socialize with fellow hockey lovers.

Jacksonville Public Library: Dive into Hockey’s Rich History

For those looking to delve deeper into the world of hockey, the Jacksonville Public Library houses a collection of books and magazines dedicated to the sport. From biographies of legendary players to in-depth analyses of iconic matches, there is a wealth of information waiting to be explored. It is an enriching experience for those wanting to understand the nuances of the game and its storied history. Regularly, the library also hosts talks and interactive sessions on sports, including hockey, which can be a treat for residents of Jacksonville’s independent living community.

Celebrating Hockey in Jacksonville

Hockey has carved a unique space for itself in Jacksonville’s vibrant sports culture. Whether you are an ardent fan or a newcomer to the sport, there is no shortage of venues and activities to indulge your passion. When residing in our independent living community in this city, the proximity and accessibility of these destinations offer opportunities to not just watch, but also play and understand the sport better. So, gear up, pick a spot and dive into the thrilling world of hockey in Jacksonville.