For residents around the Jacksonville senior living communities, 2023 can mean the perfect time to strive for some new resolutions. Just because you are in your golden years doesn’t mean that you are too old to learn something new, make improvements towards your health, or strive to meet a goal. In fact, retirement provides plenty of opportunities to do exactly that!

Here at Inspirations at Town Center, we understand that our residents want to make this next year their happiest, healthiest one yet. That is why we have outlined a few of the best resolutions that seniors can strive to achieve in the new year. Continue reading to learn more!


Resolution #1: Spend more time with your loved ones.

Time is a very precious commodity, one that cannot be taken for granted. If this past year left you feeling like you didn’t get to spend enough quality time with the people that you love, then make sure to change that this coming year! Whether you want to take trips with your grandchildren, spend time one-on-one with your adult children, or simply visit your beloved friends more often, do exactly that. 

Humans are social creatures and it is imperative that you be able to spend time with those that you love. Having strong interpersonal relationships can also do wonders for improving your health, both mentally and physically. For many seniors, isolation is a major concern. Ensuring that you are in contact with those you love will help combat this as well.


Resolution #2: Participate in hobbies and activities.

When you move to one of the Jacksonville senior communities such as Inspirations, you will find that there is ample opportunity to engage in new hobbies and activities. If you are freshly retired, think about some of the things you always wanted to do, but never had the time to because of work and raising a family. For example, did you want to try your hand at pottery? Consider taking up golf? What about gardening? 

The options are nearly endless when it comes to ways you can get involved and fill your retired years with new experiences. When you sit down to set a resolution for the new year, consider these questions and make a plan! Sign up for a local class, start reading up on the subject, or purchase the first supplies you’ll need to get started. Hobbies are an excellent way to keep seniors’ brains engaged as well as allow you to find a new community of people to connect with.


Resolution #3: Seek out volunteer opportunities.

For many seniors, retirement means looking for ways to give back to the community. Thanks to your busy schedule while you were working, you may not have always had the time to dedicate toward volunteering. Don’t let your age concern you – many nonprofits love working with senior volunteers! This is because older adults have so much life experience and wisdom to bring to the table. 

Remember, volunteering isn’t one size fits all. Look for volunteer opportunities that fit within your wheelhouse or interests. If you are someone who is handy or who enjoys building and working on tactical projects, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity could be an excellent choice. Or, if you are a retired school teacher but still have a passion for helping students, consider volunteering to be a tutor at your local learning annex. Most seniors find volunteering to be both fun and rewarding. 

A happy senior woman volunteers her time at an event

Resolution #4: Schedule a health checkup.

If there is one resolution that should be at the top of everyone’s list, regardless of age, it’s to schedule time for a health checkup. Contact your primary care physician after the holidays to arrange an appointment to get seen. Even if you aren’t having any health concerns at the moment, doctors can take a look at various factors such as your diet, age, and family health history to determine if there is anything you need to be prescreened for. 

For many diseases, early detection is the key for treatment. This includes issues with cognitive decline, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Screening for various other health concerns, such as cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular issues, can be life saving when caught early. For residents of the Jacksonville senior living communities, make sure to include this on your list of resolutions.


Resolution #5: Create or update any legal documents.

Do you have a will? What about a trust? Do you have everything set up for a legal power of attorney? If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, or if you’re not sure where you stand, make sure to hop right on updating your legal documents in the new year. As difficult as it is to think about, life can change at a moment’s notice and it’s best to be prepared and have everything lined out in writing. Talk with your spouse or other close direct family member and work with them to set up a meeting with an attorney to get everything squared away.


Resolution #6: Be more active.

It is no secret that exercise is an essential part of maintaining one’s health. Not only does it have physical benefits, such as improved strength and decreased blood pressure, among many others, but it can also do wonders for mental health, too. In fact, getting at least 20-30 minutes of light to moderate physical activity just a few times a week can significantly decrease your stress and anxiety levels. This is huge! Don’t worry, you don’t have to strive to run a marathon in 2023, but simply dedicating more time to focusing on your wellbeing can make a meaningful impact. 


Jacksonville Senior Communities

Setting resolutions and realistic goals is great, but you also need to make sure that you are in an environment that fosters your ability to follow through. Living in one of the amazing Jacksonville senior communities, such as Inspirations at Town Center, can help you to do exactly that! Thanks to our state of the art facilities, prime Florida location, and the ability to easily access a wealth of luxury amenities, everything you need to reach your goals is right here on location. 

To set up a time to schedule a tour, contact us today! We can’t wait to show you the difference moving to a luxury community can make.